Live on a river boat...
Lion Bark

Each day, the Clash team will receive countless links leading to new music.

Some are good, some are bad - most float softly in between the twin poles of apathy and irrelevance. Recently, though, a group of young musicians in Brighton who go by the name of Lion Bark sent through a link for their new single.

'Two Prongs' is a wonderfully English piece of dream pop: a hazy, late summer ode to walks down endless paths which wrinkle alongside green fields and tall trees.

Shadowed by reverb, 'Two Prongs' is much more than mere sound or effect. Deciding to record an acoustic version, Lion Bark opted for an unusual location - a boat in the middle of a river. 

Perched precariously in the tiny vessel, Lion Bark proceed to unveil a beautifully stripped down arrangement of 'Two Prongs'. Removing the chassis to reveal the engine underneath, it's a fascinating experiment.

Clash is pleased to be able to premiere the video - watch it now.

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