As their new album approaches...
Let's Wrestle

Let's Wrestle have always been a curious beast.

Fusing difficult-sounding indie rock - think The Fall or early Wedding Present with a dose of Yo La Tengo - with a rich, wry sense of humour, the band's output to date is a careening, carousing impossible to peg sound.

For their new self-titled album, though, the band decided to simplify, to bring out those melodies often hid underneath a sarcastic blast of noise.

Fusing a 60s pop-sike sensibility with the chilled out vibes of the Laurel Canyon generation, Let's Wrestle are refining their craft without losing their identity.

'Rain Ruins Revolution' is a swirling piece of psychedelic rock, yet those kaftans are tattered, unkempt. Ragged and raw, Let's Wrestle are entering strange new territories...

Check out the video for 'Rain Ruins Revolution' now.

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'Let's Wrestle' is set to be released on February 10th.

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