It's a summer-fresh re-working...

KIKKR is a new project that unites two brave talents.

Rand 'Patch' Ralph met drummer and musical director Virgile Carlsson during a studio session back in 2015, and the pair found that what made them different was precisely what they found so interesting in one another.

Two musicians with different backgrounds, they kept in touch, slowly working on new material away from the public gaze.

New single 'Makin' Me High' takes elements of a 90s classic and brings the whole package up to date for a summer scorcher.

Ideh supplies guest vocals, but the whole project is underpinned by the wonderful chemistry that shuffles between the two members of KIKKR.

DJ Licious arrives on remix duties, spinning 'Makin' Me High' out onto the dancefloor for a supple house re-work.

Tune in now.

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