Hotly tipped West London newcomers...
'Eyes Conveyed'

The suburbs are often a lonely place.

Close enough to the city to gain just a hint of its glories, it remains tantalisingly out of the cultural orbit. It's this push and pull which makes the suburbs such a musically fertile area, whether that's the Bromley contingent during the punk era or even Croydon's dubstep collectives.

Jacob & Goliath hail from Brentford. Nestled away in a corner of West London, the trio have a thirst, a desire to succeed which flows through every note.

Debut EP 'Eyes Conveyed' will be released on June 15th via Manchester's LAB Records, following sessions with Paul Stanborough in his East London studio The Biscuit Factory.

At only 18 years old, Jacob & Goliath are almost too young to know any better. Title cut 'Eyes Conveyed' is all soaring riffs, sweeping vocals and an intangible sense of melodrama.

The video for the track is shot simply, with the trio performing in their garden. In a way, it's appropriate - think how many teenage discussions, childhood dreams were forged here.

Watch it now.

Catch Jacob & Goliath at the London Islington on July 2nd.

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