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J. Roddy Walston & The Business

Rock music is, in essence, an American art form.

So it's heartening to see, then, a new artist fuse classic Americana with something abrasive, something modern... something rock.

J. Roddy Walston & The Business do exactly this. The band's debut album 'Essential Tremors' is forthcoming, but before then fans can feast on a new single.

'Heavy Bells' was co-produced by Matt Wignall and Mark Neill, with J. Roddy Walston & The Business taking up residence in the state of Georgia.

There's a Southern sensibility running through 'Heavy Bells' - from it's classic rock stomp, it's love of tradition to the innate stubbornness driving through the band.

Clash spoke to J. Roddy Walston about the recording process, and he praised the Southern landscape, it's people and culture. "We went to Valdosta, Georgia to answer 'the call of the mild'. Monastic-like self-denial lead to the total focus of our creative powers. Ninety percent of our diet there was juicing, the other ninety percent was sausage gravy... I think there is some insight into our band and this record in that fact. We did without chairs, girls, church, booze, headphones, click tracks, internet, laundry, purpose, jobs, books, hunting, Netflix... we denied the spirit, the animal and the mind any of their wants and then they showed their teeth and told us how they really feel. We made our record in Valdosta, Georgia… a place that no one has heard of or been to, so it's a place where you can tell the truth".

Blistering, passionate rock music, you can check out the video on Clash first.

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J. Roddy Walston & The Business are set to release new single 'Heavy Bells' on February 24th, debut album 'Essential Tremors' follows on March 10th. Catch the band at the following dates:

23 Glasgow Broadcast
24 Bristol Louisiana
25 London The Borderline
26 Manchester Night and Day Cafe

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