"So easy to fall asleep..."
I Heart Sharks

Youth is the most precious commodity.

Often, you don't realise it's power, it's potency, it's potential until it's gone - and then, there's precious little you can do about it.

A multi-national collective, I Heart Sharks are still in the prime of youth, still working out where life will take them. It's appropriate then, that the video for new track 'To Be Young' focusses on something quite the opposite.

Opening with a lonely old woman in an empty house, it then switches to a nightclub as she finds her husband and they begin to dance.

Exploring the scenes of their youth, the two dance the night away - but there's a twist at the end...

Watch it now.

- - -

Director - Jamie Muir
Producer - Nathan Killham
Concept - Pierre Bee
DOP - Joe Cook 1st
AC - Moritz Mebesius Steadicam
Operator - Markus Kuballa
Makeup Artist - Juliane Polak
Editor - Jamie Muir & Pierre Bee
Colourist - Joseph Bicknell

Photor Credit: Arcin Dagdic

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