South Carolina-bred trio...

High School can be a helluva tough time.

Yet, as testing as it can be, High School can also supply grist for the creative mill - something to kick against, in other words.

Hailing from South Carolina, HeyRocco are clearly aware of this. New single 'Virgin' is set in high school, with its corrosive mixture of The Cure and Mudhoney conjuring up all manner of adolescent fury.

Out now as a free download, 'Virgin' has a darkly nostalgic vibe - worthy of, say, Radiohead's much neglected 'Pablo Honey' full length.

Given the visual treatment, the video for 'Virgin' only enhances these themes.

Check it out now.

'Virgin' is out now. HeyRocco are set to play a series of headline dates in the UK this Autumn.

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