Inventive live performance...

BLDG5 don't seem to recognise borders.

A international collective of producers, artists and noise makers, the imprint introduced itself via the recent compilation ‘Ground Floor’.

Featuring a plethora of new artists, one act in particular stood out. Fusing electronic loops, organic textures and emotive songcraft, Helfer seemed capable to stretch past any boundaries placed in his way.

Making his live debut at Fusion Festival and United Islands Festival, the producer unveiled a set which is emotionally engrossing and deeply meditative.

Debut EP 'Air Drops' is coming shortly on BLDG5, but ahead of this Clash can offer up an intriguing live video. Shot in intimate surroundings, 'Book' is a languid, probing piece of electronics which pushes Helfer's voice to the fore.

Watch it now.

- - -

'Air Drops' is forthcoming on BLDG5.

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