Australian group with a powerful sense of songwriting...
Gold Class

Australian group Gold Class are led by Adam Curley, an artist with a singular vision.

New album 'Drum' drops on August 18th, a powerful work that matches post-punk influences to ominous rumblings of fetid rock.

'Rose Blind' is a neat intro, with Gold Class matching the sheer overwhelming physicality of the sound to some intensely personal lyrics.

Bass spasms and kinetic drums unite, underpinning Adam Curley's delivery - fans of The National or Interpol had best tune in.

Clash has first dibs on the video, with director Flagz from Defero Productions telling us: "For 'Rose Blind' I wanted to show the similarities between the strong and the soft sides of human relationships, they may look different but in the end we all bleed."

Adam Curley added "I was trawling through a car wreckers and made a kind of sculpture with a few parts I found. The idea was to examine skin and human figures against these brutal and soft materials - and the dark and light of things - in an uncomfortable way."

Tune in now.

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