Electro-punk sounds from Music City...
Five Knives

Think of Nashville and you're forgiven for leaping straight to the bearded tones of Music City's most famous - the modern likes of Kings Of Leon and their hirsute, twangin'-on-the-front-porch ilk. 

Rising foursome Five Knives offer a different perspective on the city's musical heritage, though, their arrangements rather more urgent - and rather more future-facing - than much of their hometown's sons and daughters.

The band - signed to Red Bull Records - is fronted by the electric personality of Anna Worstell, and began life as an art project rather than a touring band proper. How times have changed - Five Knives took 2013's SXSW by storm (you know what we mean - they did some shows, and people thought they rocked quite well), and they've participated in the circus of horrors that is the Warped Tour. Oh, they've supported Smashing Pumpkins, too. Not too shabby.

Five Knives' debut EP is 'The Rising', and it's set for release in the UK on 22nd February 2014. Leading the way for this introductory collection is 'The Future', a song that comes complete with a glossy video, full of sci-fi-style ninja action. It's like a videogame, only, not. If it was a videogame, we're saying: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance meets Persona 4. You with us?

Watch the video above - and, should that tickle your tingly bits, check the band out online here.

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