Ascot newcomers...

The middle of nowhere, that's where you'll find Febueder.

Yet that isn't a slight. Withdrawn from the city rush, the three piece have been able to experiment slowly, finding their own sound in the process.

Using bass, drums, guitar and the occasional sample, the trio have the bite of classic indie yet with the world-weariness of Animal Collective.

Gently psychedelic, theirs is the sound of an imagination which has been allowed to overgrow and distort into different shapes. Recently returning to the studio, Febueder have sealed off sessions on their debut EP.

Set to be released through Tape Club Records on November 25th, Clash is able to present an enticing preview. Lead cut 'Alligator' is all scattered drums and vocals which fold delicately over one another, with the Ascot trio gently leaping into the unknown.

The video for the track is shot in the countryside, featuring Febueder as they race through the woods, towards a river and into an abandoned house.

Watch it now.

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