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Stripped right back, all you need to make rock music is guitar, bass, drums and vocals.

That's it. No flourishes, no fancy amendments - all thrills, no frills. 

F A N S are a three piece. Their dark, post-punk driven sound is as sparse as they come, all brooding, chugging bass lines and pounding, relentless drums.

Over this, the vocals are a tortured mix of Joy Division and The Sound, yet with a cathartic edge, a sliver of light amidst the gloom.

New single 'All This Time' was recorded by Matt Peel, rightly recognised for his work with Eagulls and Pulled Apart By Horses.

Out on April 28th, it's a concise, precise incision into the flesh of British rock music. The accompanying video was edited and directed by Nathan McGrory, and it's a hazy blur of sun-bleached found footage.

Revelling in memory, submerged in thought it's a beautifully poetic way to start your week.

Check it out now.

Catch F A N S on May 3rd playing Live At Leeds.

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