Serbian based performer...

Central Europe has endured a torrid time across the past few decades.

Torn apart by war and nationalistic conflict, it became one of the world's most dangerous places. Despite this, though, youth culture is flourishing with all manner of new artists emerging from the region.

Brought up in Toronto, Ensh recently made the decision to return to his native Serbia. Eight track EP 'Belgrade' attempts to explain why.

A fusion of crunchy, hip hop beats, electronics and a velvet smooth voice, Ensh focusses his attention on the underbelly of a rejuvenated Central Europe.

Out on February 17th, Clash is able to preview this release with a new live clip. Shot in front of a tiny audience, Ensh blazes through 'MAJNFUK' with a rare passion.

Watch it now.

- - -

'Belgrade' is set to be released on February 17th. Check out Ensh' not entirely SFW video 'Fiks' HERE.

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