"The fear of never accomplishing your goals..."
Dream Koala

Sometimes fear can be the biggest inspiration of all.

Dream Koala (Yndi Ferreira) is engrossed in music, burying his feelings, emotions in bass lines. synth programming and the mastering process. It's a hectic, all encompassing job - no wonder his subconscious began to play up.

Dreaming of a plane crash one evening, the Paris-born, Berlin-based producer woke and went straight into the studio. Channeling his frustrations, his fears into 'Odyssey' the producer matched frailty, vulnerability to immaculate production.

Crystal clear but with bass weight, 'Odyssey' is driven by the fear that today might be his last. Speaking recently, the producer explained that the track "comes from the travels of Ulysse - his fear of never coming back home & never reaching his ambitions. It's a track about deception and the fear of death, the fear of never accomplishing your goals."

The video for the track is equally striking. Grandiose visuals of an alien world, it ends with smoke rising ominously from a volcano.

Watch it now.

- - -

'Odyssey' is out now.

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