Intriguing new talent from the Southern states...
Devan DuBois

Every aspect of Devan DuBois' music, his image, his character feels carefully thought through, expertly curated.

There's his music, for a start. Hailing from the Southern States of America, the songwriter matches an astute sense of Americana - Dylan, The Band - alongside a darker viewpoint, more in keeping with Lou Reed.

The results are enchanting. There's a sense of Southern Gothic in his work, a longing for something which has been lost.

Working with Chuck David Willis on the stylish video for 'Long Live', the precocious DuBois already feels like the finished article.

Recently filming an acoustic rendition of 'Other Lovers', the singer marks himself out as a powerful, engaging performer.

Strumming his acoustic guitar, the arrangement is sparse but effective - check it out now.

Devan DuBois is set to release debut album 'Le Fou' in late September via Sensibility Music.

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