Invada signed audio/visual artist...

Based in Bristol, Invada has quietly build a reputation for producing heavyweight arts of a groundbreaking nature.

The label's roster sits well outside any prevailing tide or trend, preferring instead to latch onto individual voices, lone talents flailing against the wind.

People like CUTS. A respected audio/visual artist, the producer dismisses standard reference points in favour of influences such as abandoned spaces, white noise and sleep paralysis.

Yet this isn't to suggest that CUTS is swept through with sheer black. 'EP1' has moments of genuine beauty, flashes of light rendered all the more vivid by the intensity which surrounds it.

Each track is accompanied by a video, and it's the great pleasure of Clash to introduce 'CUTS 01'. There's a pastoral, almost shoegaze style element to the noise which mades it oddly soothing, before giving away to a sharply metallic edge.

The visuals find a lone figure lost in the woods, and it's this mixture of beauty/isolation which makes CUTS so enticing.

Check it out now.

CUTS 01 from CUTS on Vimeo.

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