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CuT exist to play live.

At heart, the band's performances are based on a devotion to the permanently unhinged thrills that only rock 'n' roll can provide.

An electrifying prospect, CuT have now confirmed plans for a new single. 'Time Traveller' drops on April 28th, with XFM presenter John Kennedy already making it his Xposure Record of the Week.

Recorded with Sterling Roswell (Spaceman 3) at Goldtop Studios, 'Time Traveller' is space-rock with a punk twist. Sheer garage bedlam, this is all Acid drenched riffs and power chords, lysergic vocals and snotty lyrics.

The video for the track captures some of the band's visual appeal. A straight forward performance clip, the sheer energy of CuT is visible from the off.

Watch it now.

- - -

'Time Traveller' is set to be released on April 28th.


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