Spiralling techno infused production...
Circle Traps

Electronic music is often a solo pursuit, an activity reserved for reclusive geniuses.

Yet, increasing, some of the most inspiring voices in electronic composition can be heard in collaboration.

Circle Traps hail from the London area of Leyton, and feature three distinctive artists working in unison. Numbering Jack Wyllie, Duncan Bellamy and Will Ward, the trio formed in 2010 and since then have forged their sound via two vital EPs.

Now working with Lex Records, new EP 'Machine City' is another brave step forward. There's a shuddering machine funk here, a physicality which at times borders on rock music.

Yet the colours, the tones are born from technology. 'Portent' is a spiralling piece of techno infused production, continually fluttering and shifting, rolling and evolving with a rare sense of dynamism.

Check it out now.

Circle Traps are set to play an EP launch party in London's Concrete venue on July 31st - ticket details.

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