Vincent Cacchione's challenging new project...
Caged Animals

"I walked in the door and found him sprawled out on the carpet; the cops were the first on the scene and his son (who I’d met the week before) looked up at me wordlessly. I was holding two D-sized tanks of Oxygen and a delivery slip that was never going to get signed. This was one of my departing memories from the year I spent working as a courier of Medical Oxygen in Staten Island, NYC."

As far as dramatic openings go, it's difficult to top this. Vincent Cacchione spent a year as a medical courier, spending his days working in extremely challenging situations and his nights pouring his feelings into music.

Having previous worked with DIIV's Zachary Cole Smith, the songwriter had already reached a certain profile in American music, yet chose to shun this in order to focus on his own work.

Far more electronic in tone, Caged Animals is his new alter ego. Working with Lucky Number, the songwriter is set to release his debut EP alongside a long form short story.

Each of the four tracks on the new EP interlocks, constructing a story which dwells on Cacchione's trying experiences as a medical courier. Ambitiously titled 'The Overnight Coroner (and other people who did their jobs) - A New Musical Short Story' it's a fascinating fusion of fact/fiction.

Out on March 3rd, Clash is able to present a preview. 'The Overnight Coroner Attends A Party' is one of the EP's more upbeat, straight forwardly pop moments and comes backed with an intimate, and quite sweet, video.

Watch it now.

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'The Overnight Coroner (and other people who did their jobs) - A New Musical Short Story' is set to be released on March 3rd.

Caged Animals is set to play a one off London show at the Sebright Arms on February 4th - ticket link.

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