Raunchy new clip...
Booka Shade

There's always been a physicality to Booka Shade's music.

The German duo have a subtle, intricate side, for sure, but the pair have always displayed an awareness that their material should be heard through a system.

Loud, dense, alive, their sound has a depth, a quality which weighs down on the listener. It's difficult to ignore, but also one that teases, gently coaxes the crowd out of its shell.

Returning with new album 'Eve', Booka Shade have delivered their latest video. Stripped from the album, 'Love Inc' is a piece of shuffling house with tech overtones - frothy, buoyant beats with a metallic edge.

The video for the track picks up on these passionate undertones. Featuring an array of couples in a romantic clinch, it's a raunchy clip, but one that treats each scene with the beauty it deserves.

Watch it now.

- - -

Directed by Thomas Hayo.

'Eve' is set to be released on November 1st (pre-order link). 'Love Inc' is out on October 18th.

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