Discussing tattoos, golf retreats and tomfoolery...
Biffy Clyro

Biffy Clyro are a model for how rock bands could conduct themselves.

The band have effortlessly made the leap into major label territory, while recent album 'Opposites' was a double album which focussed on depression, grief and frustration.

Still living close to their hometown in Ayrshire, Biffy Clyro recently took off on tour around the globe. Performing at the Soundwave festival in Sydney, Australia last month, the band completed a powerful set which drew on the full force of their back catalogue.

Settling down backstage, Moshcam were granted an audience with the group. An intimate chat, Biffy Clyro relax and talk about everything from fan tattoos to golf retreats.

A fun glimpse into life in one of Britain's biggest rock groups, you can watch the video first on Clash.

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