New project featuring Gemma L Williams...
Fire and Wings

Brighton based songwriter Gemma L Williams retired her Woodpecker Wooliams moniker last year, vowing to experiment with new sounds.

Hooking up with former Fence collective member Peter J D Mason, the two now form the crux of Becky Becky.

A synth-pop duo, debut album 'Good Morning, Midnight' will be released through newly minted imprint FEINT records on May 1st.

Of course, luxurious synth-pop is ten-a-penny right now, but Clash likes to feel that Becky Becky offer something different.

Partially inspired by the 1920s work of author Jean Rhys, there's a minimal wave sound here which is both edgy and deeply affecting.

The production is crisp yet with a DIY edge, while 'Good Morning, Midnight' itself details one grubby night in Prague from the point of view of a lonely, ageing female protagonist.

Album track 'Fire & Wings' comes backed with a new video. Shot in black and white, Becky Becky take the theme to heart, with the vintage clad duo staring straight into the camera as a series of visual effects wash over them.

Original animation by Richard Sanz (, video by Becky Becky.

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'Good Morning, Midnight' will be released on May 1st - more information.

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