A salute to grime...
Bacon Dream artwork

The explosive growth of grime would change the way UK audiences viewed hip hop forever.

Right here, right now, here was a scene which utilised the framework, the approach of stateside hip hop but with an utterly British feel.

Based in Cardiff, Astroid Boys are one of UK hip hop's more ferocious forces, taking no prisoners in either their beats or their lyrics.

An independent voice, the crew are steeped in hip hop lore - but can't avoid the sounds of grime. New cut 'Rinsa' is a 140 roller and features Astroid Boys peppering the track with grime references.

Hell, renowned lyricist Manga - of seminal grime crew Roll Deep - is on hand to make a guest appearance.

Sheer power from start to finish, catch the video below.

'Rinsa' appears on Astroid Boys' new EP 'Bacon Dream' - grab it HERE.

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