Watch the Icelandic singer live in north London...
Asgeir for Crypt Sessions

We've a soft spot for Icelandic singer Ásgeir at Clash HQ - we've previously covered him in our Next Wave section, and said some nice things about the young man's debut English language album, 'In The Silence' (review), which came out last month.

Here, we've a session version of his great single, 'King And Cross', recorded for The Crypt Sessions. This lovely little operation is run out of Crouch End's Crypt Studio, just up the road - or down it, depending on where you're stood - from the Harringay Arms. Does a decent pint if you're in the area (and you can buy us one back for the tip, ta).

Ásgeir kicks off the fifth season of The Crypt Sessions - previously, they've hosted Lucy Rose, Tegan & Sara, Night Beds, Caitlin Rose and Hannah Peel, amongst many other rather-fine artists. Pay them a visit, why not?

Asgeir can be found online here. Check out this video premiere above.

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