Danish group unveil supernatural clip...
Giana Factory

Long sitting in the shadow of its larger, more prominent Scandinavian cousins, now is Denmark’s moment to shine.

The country’s music scene is bustling, with countless exports landing on these shores.

Giana Factory seem to neatly join the dots, with singer Loui Foo of course being the sister of The Raveonettes’ Sharon Foo.

New album ‘Lemon Moon’ continues the Danish connections, with Trentemoller sitting in on production. It’s a curious beast, one that finds both Giana Factory and Trentemoller stepping outside of their comfort zones.

Due for release in June, ‘Lemon Moon’ has been preceded by a new EP which was quietly released this week. (Get a download of the song 'Lemon Moon' here.) Alongside this, Giana Factory have unveiled a new video which a features real life exorcism performed by Bob Larson the self acclaimed worlds expert of cults and the supernatural.

Sam Osborne, one of the directors, introduces the video:

"We first met Reverend Bob Larsen in a pizza parlor near Times Square. He was in town to give a seminar on exorcisms and had agreed to meet with us over a couple slices to discuss what we had in mind for a documentary. Despite appearances on Anderson Cooper 360 and all manner of other talk shows and newscasts, Larsen was wary of allowing a documentary crew follow him and his family around as they worked as a band of touring exorcists.

"We pitched him our idea and he allowed us up to the Marriott’s conference room where a few dozen folks had gathered to hear his seminar. He told the crowd that 50% of people today are housing demons inside of their souls. But since this was New York City, the percentage of those in the room that were possessed was probably higher. Closer to 90%, he said. He carried a cross through each row of chairs, holding it up to the foreheads of those he thought possessed until one woman near the front began groaning. He hauled his cross over to her as though reeling in his catch, asked her to stand, and began the long, noisy process of extricating her demons.

"After it was through, he sold books and accepted donations, offering up crosses and other exorcism trinkets as prizes for those that donated the most. A man in the audience ponied up a couple hundred and later thanked Larsen in person for exorcising his family the year before. When the crowd thinned, Larsen asked if we’d be up for flying to Phoenix to meet him for an exorcism in his office. His daughter, Brynn, and her two best friends, dubbed the Teenage Exorcists, would be on-hand to help and would be open to interviews. We agreed.

"The day we arrived in Phoenix, the company that had sent us pulled funding for our documentary. They’d either lost interest in the piece or had balked at the price tag. So we were stuck in Phoenix with the Larsen family. The Reverend was relatively lax about the ordeal, and allowed us to continue with the production as long as he was able to use whatever we shot on his personal YouTube page. Once the snag was sorted, we were introduced to Tiffany, who had arrived earlier that day from Missouri and would be undergoing her third exorcism with us later that week. The documentary recounting that experience will be released later this year as an episodic series.

"In the process of finding a home for that documentary, though, we realised that the imagery that was captured throughout the exorcism, which lasted 10 hours, could have an effective alternate use in a more creative medium. And so we began working with Giana Factory to find a song that might make an appropriate counterbalance to the footage as a music video."

More Giana Factory online here.

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