Spirited pop with a slight reggae twinge...
Amanda Delara

Amanda Delara was brought up in the tiny Norwegian town of Nes, a small Scandinavian hamlet dominated by towering vistas.

Always precocious, the singer's multi-national heritage - her family have roots in Iran - meant that she was forever jumbling together influences, crafting her own identity.

New EP 'Rebel' is incoming, and it states a strong case for the singer's innate talent, for her undeniable individuality.

Clash is able to premiere new track 'Jimmy', and it matches her rebel stance for a light reggae influence as she aims for that summer-fresh feel.

She explains: "We read in the newspapers everyday about how many lives are lost and eventually it all feels like numbers. The name Jimmy is applied as generic term for the real people behind the numbers. Actually, it is a little strange that the text became so dark. I had a lot of fun when I wrote it in the studio. We were on a fun reggae vibe.The sound is a little different from the rest of the songs. I wanted it because it is its own rebel in the EP."

Tune in now.

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