High-energy beats-and-bleeps from the south coast…

Clash didn’t know a whole lot about Brighton-based pair AK/DK until a little earlier today, when an email plopped into our inbox basically telling us to pull the stuffing out of our ears.

We didn’t need to – what we heard disintegrated it.

‘Synths + Drums + Noise + Space’ is the title of the band’s debut album – and as does-what-it-says-on-the-tin descriptions go, yes. Shortcut for those slow on the uptake: think Battles or Errors with the intensity turned right up, and possibly playing after a few gin-and-petrol cocktails. Fans of Can, Factory Floor and Three Trapped Tigers, step this way too, please – you’re gonna like what you hear.

So, here’s the video to ‘Maxwell’s Waves’, from said LP, which we’re happy indeed to premiere. It’s quite The Something, and more than enough to have us pestering the band’s PR peeps for a full album. (Oh look, there it goes, see ya.)

Find the band online here. And do so. It’s a bit tasty, this.

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