Superb new British MC...
Adian Coker

The current resurgence in grime has provoked a number of questions about the role of the MC.

Driven to the sidelines by a number of talented producers, some fans believe that the quality, the depth of grime rapper's has fallen. But maybe that's because they're not making grime any more.

Adian Coker undoubtedly has a grime heritage, with his music boasting the same kind of pressure which can only come from inner city life.

Yet he's avoided the pitfalls of 140, aiming for something more supple, more individual. Forthcoming mixtape 'Young World' is due to drop late next month, with the handful of previews Coker has supplied thus far raising the stakes to stratospheric levels.

New cut 'Suicide Drive' emerged online a few days ago. Taking charge of production, Adian Coker builds up a dense, unforgiving atmosphere which fuses a bass swamp with laser electronics.

It's the rhymes, though, which impress most of all. Seeming to arrive fully formed, you struggle to place influences in his work - ultimately, Adian Coker sounds like Adian Coker in the most emphatic manner possible.

Watch it now.

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Adian Coker is set to support Giggs at London's Under The Bridge on October 15th, before playing his own headline show at UD Live at Cargo on October 17th.

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