It's French, it's house, it's got a video...
Acid Washed

A smashing video premiere for your Friday, here.

Parisian duo Acid Washed - Andrew Claristidge and Richard D’Alpert - release their new long-player, 'House Of Melancholoy', pretty soon - look for it in late July via the Record Makers label.

Ahead of that, though, here's 'Fire N' Rain', a single with a Breakfast Club-recalling video, and a vibe that couldn't be much more sunshine if it came around our place, stripped us to our short-shorts and bathed us in factor-50.

The track, produced by Joakim, makes a man wonder: just what is this pair's definition of "melancholy", exactly?

It'll house you, with its sunglasses on throughout, Voguing its way across the dancefloors of your soul. Or something. It's the second wave of French house, and it's right here, right now.

Get more on Acid Washed on this here internet, right here.

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