Deeply independent Salford newcomers...
Suzuki Method

The internet may have opened up the music industry, but it has also made it more difficult than ever for bands to make themselves heard.

After all, plying a fine line in digital independence is all well and good, but if a band wants to compete on a high street level then the stakes are - sadly - far too high.

Yet Suzuki Method seem to have cracked it. The Salford band are resolutely independent, with new David Tolan and Jim Spencer produced EP 'NATIVE' emerging earlier this year through A1(M) Records.

Ahead of this, the band played a number of in-store dates at FOPP stores around the country. Allowing them to gain a foothold in the physical marketplace, Suzuki Method left an ad hoc distribution method in their wake.

Ultimately, though, the music has to do the talking. Stripped from the new EP, 'Sherbet' is a blast of dance energy, with the Salford group matching the physicality of electronic beats with the emotional tug of indie songcraft.

Bafta film maker Pete Travis spotted the band performing at London venue the Barfly, and agreed to shoot a new video for them. Picking 'Sherbet', the results are on Clash now.

- - -

'NATIVE' is out now - find Suzuki Method on Facebook HERE. The band have confirmed the following shows: 

15 Salford The King Arms (Native Remix party)

11 London Sebright Arms
13 Manchester Academy 2 (supporting Alabama 3)

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