Taken from 'Galapagos'
Post War Years artwork

Post War Years are evolving.

The band's debut album was bristling with promise, but didn't quite reach the heights the group were aiming for. Taking time off, recent EPs ‘Glass House’ and ‘The Bell’ demonstrated that Post War Years were capable of evolving past the barriers others had placed in their way.

Songwriting was tightened, bass textures were deepened and production was given a healthy dose of testosterone. The results are gathered on new album 'Galapagos' which is perhaps Post War Years' most complete, assured document to date.

New track 'All Eyes' is a fantastic introduction. Produced by long-term collaborator James Rutledge, it's all sharp edges and taut bass lines, skittering drums and searing vocals.

The track comes equipped with a new video - taken from a ten part series - shot by animator and filmmaker Tobias Stretch. Applying his unique sense of dream-logic to the band's music, the resulting clip is a gently challenging watch - at times surreal, but always engrossing.

Watch it now.

- - -

'Galapagos' is set to be released on February 25th.


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