Filmed at DC Studios, Manchester

PINS have class, PINS are classic.

A band who very much know their pop references, the band's output to date has chewed up old Phil Spector records, while adding layers of fuzz and dumb-but-fun riffing.

Envisaging themselves as an all girl gang, PINS' new single 'Stay True' is their most visceral to date. Charged with crafting visuals to accompany the music, director Sing J Lee rose to the task in some style.

Re-imagining the band as being part of a screen test process, each member of the band adopts a new character. "Sing did a lot more filming than he let on to us" reveals Lois. "He captured some real down time on the shoot giving it a genuine behind the scenes feel, adding to the screen test theme."

Shot at DC Studios, the band are shown relaxing, messing around. Appearing to be almost entirely natural, they even film each other using a Super-8 camera adding to the feel of purposefully echoing those epochal Andy Warhol movies.

Watch it now.

PINS - STAY TRUE from PINS on Vimeo.

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'Stay True' is set to be released on July 22nd.


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