London collective continue to impress...
Piff Gang

UK hip hop has always been a strange beast.

The country has produced some undoubtedly magnificent MCs, but the question of authenticity has always reared its head. Piffy Gang are a collective from North London, who have blazed a trail with a series of vital cuts.

Matching a Stateside sensibility to the influence of UK Garage, Piff Gang seem able to match their American cousins without losing sight of their neighbourhood. New video 'Tanqueray & Piff' is a case in point: all cloudy beats and smooth rhymes, this is a rolling joint for rolling joints to.

As Skout told us earlier this year: “They always ask me why we talk about smoking, fucking bitches and partying. But I always say to them that’s cos we smoke, fuck bitches and party. It makes sense, no?”

Watch it now.


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