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Pete Roe

It's funny how words fall in and out of popularity with the lexicon of pop.

Take 'mystery' - in the late 60s, any songwriter worth their salt was musing on the idea of mystery, of things existing beyond the logic of frenetic, modern day living. But then its usage seemed to wane, falling in tandem with the lack of romanticism in modern day music.

No one seems to have told Pete Roe. The English songwriter is indebted to artists such as Bert Jansch and John Martyn, while there are also definite hints of Americana akin to Ryan Adams.

Signed to Middle of Nowhere Recordings (based in the Highlands of Scotland, doncha know) the singer is now focussed on his next single.

The grandly titled 'A Strange Kind Of Mystery In The Air' has a late summer feel, with its loose, looping, fingerpicking style recalling Donovan's youthful excursions. Soft, lilting and more than a little folk inspired, it's a deeply evocative piece of songwriting from such a young artist.

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