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Amidst a plethora of whippersnappers plying their wares in this so-called 'grunge resurgence' PAWS seemed to stick out just a little.

There was their locality, first and foremost. Emerging from the Scottish Highlands, the band fused a lilting pop touch to some clearly heartfelt melancholia on their fuzz-soaked debut album 'Cokefloat!' - which earned itself a nominated at the SAY Award.

Heading out to New York State last year, PAWS began laying down material for a follow up. Frontman Philip Taylor smuggled out a video diary, which Clash was allowed to show exclusively - check it out HERE.

Since then, the group have returned to North America for a string of tour dates, with Seattle broadcaster KEXP inviting PAWS to record a live session.

Previewing some new material, the results have piqued our curiosity. The band's nascent melodic flair comes to the fore, while replacement bass player (and sometime Clash scribe) Ryan Drever seems to power the whole thing to a new level.

Watch it now.

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Catherine 1956
Let's All Let Go
Owl's Talons Clenching My Heart

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