Languid, fragile songwriting...
Paul Thomas Saunders

Paul Thomas Saunders is an actual, genuine choir boy.

Yet this isn't to tag him with an un-necessary label. Brought up in that tradition, his pure, clear singing voice betrays the influence of choral music.

But Saunders couldn't be constrained by any one style or genre. Moving against his classical upbringing, the Hove songwriter released two EPs under his own steam, gently honing and refining his abilities in the process.

Catching the attention of major labels, Paul Thomas Saunders signed to Atlantic earlier this year. New single 'Good Women' is set to be released on January 13th, and the video is online now.

A languid, fragile, introspective piece of songwriting, Paul Thomas Saunders lets his voice come to the fore. Trembling, untamed yet controlled, it's perfect for the frozen weeks of winter.

Watch it now.

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Paul Thomas Saunders' new single 'Good Women' is set to be released on January 13th.

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