Directed by Jane Eastlight...


When the Tate Britain paired up with Warp Records for a very special exhibition, neither party knew what to expect. Deep down, though, few expected the sheer volume, the thousands upon thousands of fans who turned out for Friday night's opening (December 6th).

One of the live performers that evening was patten - a relatively new name on the Warp roster, his warped, woozy, surreal take on electronics is already winning critical attention.

New EP 'EOLIAN INSTATE' is out now, with Jane Eastlight helping to refine patten's visual direction. Stepping in to direct the clip for 'Towards infinite shores' the film maker has responded to the producer's work in typically vivid fashion.

An abstract, yet continually evolving clip Eastlight baths the screen in light as patten's music comes in and out of focus.

Watch it now.

- - -

'EOLIAN INSTATE' is out now.

Photo Credit: Kyle Ross

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