Taken from their new album...
Paper Aeroplanes

Ah, the dying art of letter writing.

In the era of emails, Skype and instant communication it has become almost surreal to actually be sent a letter. Yet after the initial shock has rescinded, there's the nagging sense that this is a form - which despite being arguably obsolete - still has strong emotional ties.

Emotional ties which run through Paper Aeroplanes. Gleefully old fashioned, this Welsh two piece write Actual Proper Songs with Actual Proper Choruses. Approaching their new album, the band seem to have taken inspiration from the natural world.

Titled 'Little Letters' (see what we were building up to?) this is an album informed by dramatic surroundings, infused with a sense of the wild Welsh coastline. “We're constantly inspired by our home towns and the stark, coastal imagery of the wild west" Sarah Howells explains. "This album is about personal experiences in relationships and the inner, mostly hidden lives of people, as opposed to what you see on the surface. My main aim when writing is to express something that I would normally find hard to put into words. It’s definitely a cathartic process.”

By way of a preview, ClashMusic are able to bring you the video for the title track. Effortlessly executed folk pop, Paper Aeroplanes are a band in complete control of their talent.

Watch it now.

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'Little Letters' is set to be released on May 13th.


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