London via Nairobi...
Owiny Sigoma Band

London has always been a focal point for immigration.

From the Jews of Eastern Europe who flew pogroms in the 19th century to modern day asylum seekers, the city has continually shift and adjusted with each influx.

The past few decades have found increasing numbers of immigrants from Africa flocking to London. Taking their culture with them, an increasing number of people are wondering how to be both British and African.

Music helps. Owiny Sigoma Band are a new collective who fuse African music with left field indie. Signed to Brownswood, the band even went as far as to travel to East Africa to record with Joseph Nyamungu, a Nyatiti master musician, and Charles Owoko, a Luo drummer.

Second album 'Power Punch' is out now, and manages to fuse the liquid funk of East African music with the jagged experimentation of post-punk. New single 'Harpoon Land' will be released next month, around the same time as Owiny Sigoma Band head out on tour with Thom Yorke's latest project Atoms For Peace.

Watch the video for 'Harpoon Land' now.

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'Power Punch' is out now. Owiny Sigoma Band will play the Village Underground on August 1st - tickets.


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