Only Real

How can he be so young?

Only Real turned up for a Clash shoot as part of our Ones To Watch section just before Christmas. Fresh faced, Niall Galvin would struggle to purchase lottery tickets in most newsagents yet the producer has already had his mp3s on every blog worth its salt.

Signed to ASL, Only Real recently unveiled debut single 'Blood Carpet'. The video for the track has just gone live, and it features a curiously nostalgic feel despite the songwriter's obvious youth.

But then, maybe that's appropriate. 'Blood Carpet' has a bleached out feel, with the loping guitar riff firing against the woozy production - at times, you feel like you're listening to something being held underwater.

The distorted effect is matched by the visuals, with the film allowing the colours to bleed in and out of one another.

Watch it now.

- - -

'Blood Carpet' is out now.


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