Larry Clark-lite...
Only Real - Backseat Kissers

Only Real made his mark earlier in 2012 with his self made video for 'Cinnamon Toast' capturing him and his mates hanging out and chilling to his laid back beats. This latest video for 'Backseat Kissers' catches similar vibes and runs with them, Niall Galvin and his crew having fun in the sun in a Larry Clark-lite homage. 

Mixing hip hop and summery pop, Only Real's lo-fi beats and shimmering hooks are instantly accessible, his easy flow recounting teenage shenanigans anyone can relate to. 'Backseat Kissers' is his first official single, and it's being released on January 28th via ASL Records.

If you're London based you can catch Only Real making his live debut at Dollop on Friday night at Birthdays in Dalston. 


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