'R Plus Seven' preview...
Oneohtrix Point Never

Daniel Lopatin has always sought to disrupt, to shake up established elements.

Signing to electronic powerhouse Warp Records earlier this year, Oneohtrix Point Never intends to keep on doing exactly this. Upcoming album 'R Plus Seven' is his first solo project in some time, with new track 'Problem Areas' giving a few hints as to what fans can expect.

Build around a jagged synth arpeggio and the odd digital fanfare, the track is stopped in its tracks by a vocal sample which could easily be pulled from an 80s childrens educational show.

"I wanted to characterize a linear world with cracks in its edifice," the producer said recently. "One with a veneer of being breakable, but that instead just bends and stretches endlessly like rubber, preventing you from ever understanding its true properties. The proverbial 'endless vista', but with an end."

The video for the track seems to carry on this idea of "a linear world with cracks". Presenting countless objects, the heavily stylised clip seems to urge us to make comparisons, to visualise contradictions.

Watch it now.

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'R Plus Seven' is set to be released on September 30th.

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