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San Cisco

Formed in Australia, signed to a label based in Mississippi.

It's fair to say that San Cisco have come a long way. Filled to the brim with sunshine vibes, the band's debut album emerged - somewhat puzzlingly - at the tail end of last year.

With the sky now a glorious blue across the country, San Cisco are starting to make a little more sense. Hooking up with Darwin Deez for a British tour, the band have also confirmed plans for a new single.

Stripped from their debut album, 'Fred Astaire' is all shimmering guitar chords and yelping vocals with an expert pop touch. Here's a quote from lead vocalist Jordi Davieson:

"I wrote the words out in the outback, where I was mustering, and it was a three-hour drive back to the homestead and I started singing it to myself. I wrote it about not being good enough for your girlfriend, and her being able to have someone who can give her everything, and you not being that person. It’s Fred Astaire because he’s an affluent man who can do that. And he’s a good dancer."

Where he was mustering? Anyway...

To coincide with the single (and, of course, that tour) Clash here presents a video for your eyes. A camera crew accompanied San Cisco on their last British jaunt, where they played in support of The Vaccines. A rare chance to watch a band on the rise, this comes highly recommended.

Watch it now.

- - -

'Fred Astaire' is set to be released on May 20th.

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