Inspired by Hieronymus Bosch...
Odonis Odonis screenshot

It's funny - and quite misleading - to presume that punk ends with music.

Even a cursory glance at the punk scene - or the noisier end of rock - betrays an awareness of art, of culture which extends far beyond barre chords.

Toronto's Odonis Odonis return with new album 'Hard Boiled Soft Boiled' on April 14th, with the band displaying two distinct identities.

One side of the album is harsh, abrasive, while the other is soft, introspective, melodic. 'Order In The Court' is most definitely on the more raucous side, with the accompanying video every bit as stunning as the music.

Directed by Lee Stringle, the animated clip is inspired by the paintings of Hieronymus Bosch. Bizarre, striking and quite unforgettable, watch the video now.

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'Hard Boiled Soft Boiled' will be released on April 14th.

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