Debut single...
O Emperor

Time may march on, but the good old fashioned pop song remains a thing of beauty.

Sure, the Futurists may rant and rave but there's something special about the well-honed verse / chorus routine. Already making a name for themselves in their native Ireland, O Emperor are clearly in thrall to the dimensions of the song.

Debut album 'Hither Thither' was a neatly formed, irresistibly catchy document of a band spreading their wings. Thoughtful when it wanted to be, hedonistic when the time was right the LP was rightfully nominated for the Choice Music Prize earlier this year.

Now they're setting their sights on the UK. O Emperor are lining up their first British single, with ‘Electric Tongues/Erman Gou’ set to be released on November 19th. A wonderful stopping off point for newcomers, the single seems to match both sides of the band's persona.

Clash have grabbed the première of the video for 'Electric Tongues'. Sure, there are hints of the 60s - namely the Beach Boys pastoral take on Baroque pop - on show here, but those synthesisers hint at an eerie obsession with classic synth pop.

The video itself is a straight forward performance piece, but then what's wrong with that? Like the music, the visuals for 'Electric Tongues' subtly undercut classic forms, with O Emperor stating their own identity without losing sight of what they want to achieve.

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‘Electric Tongues/Erman Gou’ is set to be released on November 19th.


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