London newcomers...

Social networking is exactly that.

Designed to bring people together, it's often viewed in suspicion by those weaned on shock headlines. However in the case of NUDES the online experience has been only positive.

Drawn together by a shout out on Facebook, NUDES line up as Owen Wallace Lasch and Tom Giddins. Wispy, fragrant electronica matched by soft, soulful vocals their output thus far demonstrates a partnership rapidly coming into bloom.

Emerging from the bedroom and performing onstage, live shows are coming thick and fast. "I loved the idea of a non-vocabulary based expression, the limitless possibilities of synthesisers" explains Lasch. "The tearing up of the rule-book as the verse, chorus, verse paradigm was being replaced by a constant evolution of sonic complexity, scope and rhythm." It's an approach which comes through loud and clear on their new live video.

'Old Skool Baby' has a daft, fun side, with the lyrics delivered with a wink and a nudge - alongside this, though, is an introspective side which seems to pull you under.

Watch it below.

Check out NUDES at the Old Blue Last in London on Tuesday (June 26th).


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