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Kurt Cobain

By 1993, Kurt Cobain was already weary of the trappings of fame.

Pursued by tabloids, caught in the machinations of a major label, the Nirvana frontman struggled to establish his independence. The band's final album 'In Utero' would be a ferocious, uncommercial assault, but yet ironically yields some of Nirvana's most potent, enduring work.

'Heart-Shaped Box' was given an official single release in the UK, and - despite it's difficult lyrics and buzz-saw Steve Albini production - flew into the Top Ten.

The track came backed with a bizarre, eye catching video which stands as one of Nirvana's most distinctive visual statements. Directed by Anton Cobjin, the acclaimed photographer and film maker used details notes supplied by Kurt Cobain.

Opening and closing with an old man in an intensive care unit, the clip loosely echoes 'The Wizard Of Oz' in its exploration of the unconscious mind. Ahead of a new box set edition of 'In Utero' a director's cut edition of 'Heart-Shaped Box' has been placed online.

Watch it below.

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