Nils Bech - When You Looked At Me

Emerging Norwegian composer...
Nils Bech

Differing in instrumentation, even tonality, the electronic / classical spheres are nonetheless joined by thoughts, ideas.

The Erased Tapes stable have led the way, fostering a community where the viola can meet the sampler on equal terms. Now Norwegian composer Nils Bech has continued to break down boundaries, matching near ambient gaze to glitchy electronics.

It's a subtle, bewitching mixture. Working on his debut album, the material Nils Bech has thus far placed online have a sleepy, slow burning attraction which seems to casually brush aside expectations. Also a performance artist, the Norwegian artist recently shot a new video for 'When You Looked At Me'.

Featuring a carefully composed, gently executed dance routine you can watch the video below.

When You Looked at Me from Nils Bech on Vimeo.

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