Directed by Daniel Brereton...
Night Works

With a history which includes Metronomy and Your Twenties, Night Works arrived with no little pressure.

However Gabriel Stebbing seems to have shrugged this off. Early glimpses of his debut album have introduced a rare talent, matching an acute production sensibility with a genuine depth to his songwriting.

'Long Forgotten Boy' was the first song to be written as part of the Night Works project, and remains Stebbing's calling card. Expertly pieced together, the track gains a full single release on March 4th.

Capturing that 4am feeling when the music dies down and the comedown begins, Gabriel Stebbing recently described the track as being indicative of “the end of those nights out at Fabric”.

Daniel Brereton directs the accompanying clip, which continues the journey from 'The Eveningtime' party. Following a path through East London, the clip ends with a confrontation with the Long Forgotten Boy himself.

Watch it now.

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'Long Forgotten Boy' is set to be released on March 4th.

Night Works is set to play the following shows:

7 London Electrowerkz
8 London Rough Trade Instore
28 London Garage


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