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Lorde is a sensation. At the age of just 16, the New Zealand born artist has stolen number one spot on the Billboard chart, with America succumbing to the charms of new single 'Royals'.

Somewhere, The Sugababes must be kicking themselves. After all, this type of pop music - stylish, mature - was their stock in trade (across varying line ups) for the best part of a decade.

Well, it seems that they're fans of Lorde, too. Mutya Keisha Siobhan (aka Sugababes mk.1) recently sat down to record a Reload Sessions, and opted to cover 'Royals'.

It's a lush, beautiful rendition, featuring their harmonies in full flow.

Watch it now.

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Lorde is set to release her debut album 'Pure Heroine' on October 28th.

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